Hello. My name is Cindy. I am a London-based graphic designer from Huntington Beach, California. I have been a graphic designer and artworker for nearly sixteen years. Most recently, I have been following my passion for cycling and designing brochures, books and custom kit for cycling clubs. If you are looking for a custom cycling kit for your club, or just to wear for a charity event, please get in touch as I'd love to help your dream become a reality! 
In my personal life I love to ride my bike, whether just to get around or to explore new places. I love to share my passion for cycling and have encouraged a few friends to take it up. I also arrange group rides in order to introduce others to great routes and show them how capable they are of pushing their boundaries!
I am a detailed oriented, creative, resourceful, and innovative graphic designer with a reliable old-fashion work ethic. I have a diverse array of experience working for different industries which include: aerospace, civil engineering, architecture, interior design, and most recently a design consultancy in commercial and retail property sector. I have worked with brands both big and small. Regardless of size, I give each project the care and attention it deserves because I believe that any job should be done properly. I’ve done a lot of things, but I am always looking for more. I believe life is short to stop learning new things and experience something new.
So what's next?
This is where you - hopefully - come in! Feel free to call 07832 911 463 or email me anytime.
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